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4 Easy Non-Toxic Ways To Keep Your House Clean With Our Products

Keeping our homes clean and well-maintained is a priority for all of us. However, finding non-toxic cleaning solutions that effectively remove grime and dirt can often be challenging. That’s where Superior Quality Coatings comes in. We are committed to providing eco-friendly cleaning products that deliver outstanding results. Keep reading to learn about four easy ways to keep your house clean using our range of non-toxic products.

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Restoring Surfaces Made Easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of pressure washing with our revolutionary product, Clenz-O2. This scientifically formulated cleaner and restorer works harmoniously with nature to bring surfaces back to life. Free from bleach and toxic residue, Clenz-O2 effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and stains without scrubbing. Safe for use over water, it is the ideal solution for surfaces such as decks, patios, and fences.

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Bringing Life Back to Weathered Wood

With Green-Ox Renew, rejuvenating weathered wood has never been simpler. This earth-friendly cleaner not only restores the appearance of wood surfaces but also eliminates mold and mildew stains. Its powerful, non-toxic formula reacts with stains, ensuring lasting results. Ideal for fences, decks, docks, and crates, Green-Ox Renew is a game-changer for restoring the natural beauty of outdoor wood.

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Powerful Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

Harnessing the power of hydrogen peroxide, Perox 35 is a versatile cleaner that tackles a wide range of surfaces. By mixing this 35% hydrogen peroxide with water and an activator, you have a powerful cleaner ready to remove grease, and clean concrete, pavers, vinyl fences, and even asphalt. With its environmentally friendly composition, Perox 35 is a superior solution for all your cleaning needs.

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Effective Kitchen Grease Removal

Keeping your kitchen surfaces grease-free is a breeze with our Kitchen Ox cleaner degreaser. Derived from hydrogen peroxide, this heavy-duty industrial cleaner effectively removes stubborn grease, cooking animal fats, and grime. It can be safely used on various surfaces like metal, vinyl, Formica, and fiberglass. Kitchen Ox works wonders even at high dilution rates, without the harsh abrasives, acids, or bleach found in traditional cleaners.

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Superior Quality Coatings provides an array of non-toxic cleaning solutions that effortlessly maintain the cleanliness of your home. Our products offer effective, safe, and eco-friendly options for all your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and welcome a clean and healthy home with Superior Quality Coatings! Shop our selection of non-toxic cleaners today.

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