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At Superior Quality Coatings, we strive to provide the best quality service to help ensure our customers are getting the most out of our products. By reading our reviews, you can get a better idea of what kind of service our customers receive. We take pride in the level of customer care we provide, and it shows in our reviews. From helpful staff, to detailed instructions, on how to use our products, you'll quickly see why so many people are choosing Superior Quality Coatings for their coating needs.

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100% Happy

"I am 100% Happy with Seal Wet's entire line. I've used all of your products and everybody else's for 20 years. As of yet, I haven't found a line anywhere close to what your company has to offer."

- Steve B

Huge Impact

"Private labeling has made a huge impact on my business. It not only gives me a competitive edge, but also lets the customer know that we are extremely knowledgeable in what we do. I no longer get told 'this guy is a lot cheaper and he uses the same sealer that you do.' If you have a reputable manufacturing company that will back up the product they produce, then I highly recommend looking into private labeling for your business"

- Jeff E.

Great Product

"This is a great product. I have been using Green-Ox Renew a lot lately and it is so simple for me and my techs to use."

- Hansen F.